Supporting Healthcare Leaders

Health Care Leaders walk the highwire of complex demands every day, trying to balance the demands of corporate expectations, compliance standards, employees, patients, and/or vendors. Services are offered that support, guide, and equip leaders to stay poised, develop strengths, achieve desired results, and move forward with success.

Dr. Ethan Raath knows from experience as a professional caregiver, the satisfaction of serving people in need as well as the drain on emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing that results in stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout. That is why he is passionate about helping leaders stay centered, resilient, and effective.

The Purpose is to care for the heart, mind, and spirit of health care professionals and leaders, providing personalized support to maintain work satisfaction and effective leadership.

Help is provided in containing the high human and financial cost resulting from impaired performance, strained relationships, poor communication, inadequate collaboration, and employee turnover. Benefits include:
Growing leadership mindset and skills
Staying resilient and managing stress
Strengthening communication and collaboration
Sustaining effective partnerships and teams
Resolving differences in a timely manner
Supporting ethical decision making

"I highly value Dr. Ethan Raath's support and guidance in helping me make vital personal professional decisions. His keen insight into interpersonal and group dynamics makes a difference." David Charles, MD.

Ethan Raath, ThD.,
has served in patient care, emergency medical services, pastoral care, social service, and nonprofit leadership. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the effects of stress and burnout in the helping professions. Experience includes leadership and team coaching and development, employee relations consulting, organizational development and wellness, and professor of Health Care Ethics Leadership and Interpersonal Communication. Ethan is a member of the National Response Team for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, providing resiliency programming for responders.

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