Neethling Brain Instruments

NBI profiles identify the thinking preferences that shape the way individuals naturally live and work. Unique to the United States, these instruments are being used in over 20 countries to support individuals, teams, and corporations.

Both the Personal and Leadership Style profiles are easy to remember and apply to daily leadership and work. Additional advantages of understanding one’s thinking profile include awareness of and sensitivity to the preferences of others, developing better relationships, improving team functioning, connecting with clients, and making effective decisions.

These online instruments are also helpful in recruiting people with the right profile needed for the position and aligning people with work at which they will excel and be productive.

The NBI instruments are researched and developed by Dr. Kobus Neethling (South Africa).

Dr. Ethan Raath is licensed to provide and interpret these assessments.
Contact for a Personal and/or Leadership profile (20 minutes online)

Your presentation on the NBI Profile was very interesting and I know people really enjoyed being exposed to the system. I want to share the feedback I received about your presentation: Insight into new thinking patterns, a new perspective, insight into a valuable system not heard of before, understanding myself and my team, a different way to understand my strengths. This was a fantastic presentation. I see many possibilities for this instrument. Janet.

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