Dr. Ethan Raath is an enormously approachable man, someone who conveys instantly a kind of wisdom and compassion that make him a very special person. I would urge you simply to get to know Ethan because you will discover, as I did, what a marvelous man he is.
Dr. Michael J. Graham, S.J., President, Xavier University

Ethan is an incredible coach and mentor. We work together on a one-on-one basis and his passion for me as a person and my company has really helped. His attention to detail speaks to the level of professionalism and this has truly helped things from falling off my radar. It's been a pleasure getting to work with him and I only wish there were more people with his passion in the world.
Christian Ries, Founder/CEO, Jonny-On-It.

Ethan brought a calm professionalism and skill to help me and my staff learn a common language enabling us to work more effectively together. He supported me with leadership coaching which has helped me build trust with my team. I hired Ethan not only for his credentials. He is a genuine, caring person with great spirit and empathy yet can deliver the messages needed. Ethan always adds value.
Tracy McCarthy, Regional President, Rocky Mountain Region,BNY Mellon Wealth Management.

I am very appreciative of the professional and personal support Ethan Raath has given me. As a coach he shared his wisdom and knowledge in a personable and empathetic manner that really reached the heart of the issue. Ethan gave me the insight that I really needed, so I could make the decisions that moved to me to the desired outcomes that I wanted to reach. I highly recommend Ethan Raath for leadership coaching. He always adds value.
Dan Wegner, Director of Business Development, Executive Business Coach. 

I have had the privilege of working with Ethan on two occasions. He successfully guided the development of concrete strategies and steps for my clients as they planned for the future and the growth of their organizations. Ethan was very helpful with focusing on the mission of the organization and growing it from the inside out.
Kerri-Ann Appleton, Executive Director, Mending Faces.

I am impressed by Dr. Ethan Raath's breadth of experience and understanding of leadership that enable him to be an effective coach, trainer, and consultant. He was of great assistance in helping me establish my consulting business.
Marius Barnard (PHR, BHR, FDC), Human Resources Business Consultant