Keeping Leaders Vital!

Walking the leadership highwire can be stressful, especially when the persistent push for results and pull of relationships affects balance and performance. When a leader is off balance, so is the team, affecting cohesion, performance, and results. It helps to have a guide and confidant by your side, to help you identify strengths, lead with confidence, maintain well-being, resolve problems, and empower those you lead.

I am passionate about supporting leaders personally and professionally. As coach, consultant, and speaker, I specialize in helping with the human side of leadership. I draw on a richly varied life and work experience to help leaders, teams, and organizations maintain balanced, engaged, and productive working relationships.
  • Experience insightful personal support
  • Achieve greater leadership effectiveness
  • Grow effective team relationships
  • Improve communication and cohesion
  • Apply tools for self-care and resiliency
  • Enhance organizational wellness
  • Empower Whole Brain performance
Whole Brain Empowerment
Applying distinctive Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) to help leaders and teams uncover
preferences for work and life that lead to greater satisfaction and performance.

Dr. Ethan Raath is a Certified Practitioner of the NBI.

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"As a leader, you have to build a support team around you that have your best interest at heart. Dr. Ethan Raath helps me with exactly that. Ethan is an incredible coach and mentor"
Christian Ries, Founder/CEO, Jonny-On-It

 Highwire Leadership LLC . Denver . Colorado . USA

Leadership & Organizational
Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

"A Heart for Inspiring Leaders"